January 2, 2010

About Tee Cart and some Ground Rules

This t-shirt and gift blog exist for a couple of reasons. 1.) Complaints about seeing objectionable material while searching for gifts. Too many shop owners are putting G Ratings on designs that clearly are not suitable for children. This can happen when one is in a hurry and forgetting to set the appropriate rating. It may sometimes also be intentional. Either way makes no difference when viewed by customers or their children. I don't want my kids seeing it either.

2.) I want to help out shop keepers, including myself, who not only keep the above in mind, but also do not produce such designs to begin with. Any site I run will always be kept family friendly. I am a Christian. Not part of the time but all of the time. I have no Separation of Church and State mentality. If I do not always honor my faith then I have none.

There is another rule I follow as part of my beliefs. I no longer celebrate or promote man made Christianized holidays. This is just to let everyone know up front that I will not post Christmas, Easter, etc., designs. This means of course that I will not post Pagan, Satanic, or non-Christian religious designs. That does not mean all designs must be Christian in nature.


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